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With sawdust in his hair and glue on his fingers, Stefanus is still happiest when he’s on the wood-working factory floor. An engineer by training, he loves wood for its artistic colour and grain – something created by God that we can all enjoy. Stefanus is proud of all the products he has made over the last 30 years; whoever is using them; however they give joy to the users, all over the world.

Born a scientist, Marsio had an artistic revelation whilst studying chemical engineering at college (UC Berkeley) – he saw that his true calling was to be an artist! After establishing a successful photography studio, Marsio adopted wood as his new canvas, creating living art and fulfilling his passion for the planet - and the young people who won’t inherit the earth unless we all do our bit to protect it. Bringing like-minded people together in 2012 to found the company, Dekael was built on his core loves of resource sustainability and artistic design. “Wood has natural grains, patterns and colour variations that are chaotic, and yet orderly. Like a living watercolour.”

Toshio is a natural scientist, chemist, engineer and a woodworker. Even after 40 years of working with wood, he still marvels at this sensitive, and yet complex natural material. He is inspired by the ancient “Azekura” wooden warehouse of his home country, Japan. Built over 1,300 years ago, the wooden power of such architectural wonders has protected treasures for centuries. With so much knowledge of wood processing techniques, Toshio is in regular demand as a teacher and consultant, ensuring that the next generation learns how to use and respect trees. “Trees are an essential substance for human beings to live healthily.”

“Just like nature, it’s the little things that matter”, says Cynthia of her role in the Dekael team. As the newest and youngest member of the team, Cynthia IS the next generation and knows how important it is to protect the planet. By eating more vegetables and re-using her plastic bags, she’s definitely doing her little bit.

Passionate about saving the forests through the work that he does at Dekael, Ronny says his own happiness is driven by making others happy by his actions. He sees every project as a battle, a battle that is only won when the client is satisfied with our work and our products. “I’m always proudest when I can convert a problem into a solution.”

Marsio Juwono - commercial director

our team

Toshio Tamaoki - technical director

Stefanus Agus S. - factory manager

Cynthia Setiawan - marketing communication

Ronny - field instalation manager & trainer


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